About Us

About Us


Aquamist Beverages Private Limited started its operations in October 2015 after carrying out a pilot project to test the market and analyze distribution channels, competition, key drivers to success and generally develop strategies for the beverages sector. The company then proceeded to install and commission a state of the art water bottling plant in the Prospect industrial area along Seke Road in Harare. The plant has capacity to produce 500 000 bottles of water per month, but due to the economic downturn, the company is only utilizing 10% of available capacity.


Mathilda Dzumbunu : CEO

As the Founder/ CEO of the company, Mathilda Dzumbunu said her vision is ‘to grow the Aquamist brand to become the bottled water of choice for the majority of Zimbabweans. We are a 100% locally owned indigenous company. We are in the SMEs sector and have participated in various Expos to showcase our products, and the market response has been good. We remain purpose driven, with the intention of making a significant contribution to the development of our country.’

A number of manufacturing companies have closed down due to various challenges, related either to capital constraints, systems shortcomings or managerial incapacity. ‘We believe we are in there for the long haul. Our packaging is world class. Our product is pure freshness, while the pricing is competitive. We just need the market to believe in us and partner us in providing our customers with water purity second to none. We are ISO Certified under the Standards Association of Zimbabwe (SAZ), we are Government Labs certified, we are registered with the Foods and Food Standard Association and have our Factory and City of Harare licenses in place. The Aquamist brand is a registered trademark, so we protected our intellectual property, and encourage others in the SMEs sector to do the same. Place your orders for bottled water with Aquamist Beverages and you will not be disappointed. We also do personalised water for weddings, corporate branding and any special events.

Mrs Dzumbunu is a current member of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Monetary Policy Committee and is the former Board Chairperson of the People’s Own Savings Bank (POSB). She is an experienced banker, and business woman, and has qualifications in Accounting and Finance. She holds an MBA certificate, and is a Chartered Management Accountant and Chartered Secretary and Administrator.


| To manufacture and distribute the most sought after beverages in the local, regional and international markets, and become a Zimbabwean ‘Superbrand’.


| One of the key success factors in this industry is packaging. We have designed unique packaging for our products which has a special appeal to consumers. This has given us an edge over our competitors.

  1. Creativity and innovation.
  2. Excellent customer service.
  3. Excellent human relations.
  4. Integrity and professionalism in all business activities.
  5. Teamwork and pride in performance.
  6. Value creation for all stakeholders.

| To be the fastest growing locally owned business entity in Zimbabwe that offers a diversified portfolio of beverages which consistently exceed our clients’ expectations.


Completed the construction of a modern factory on commercial land in the Prospect industrial area.
Imported and installed water processing equipment where the whole process from cleaning, filling, capping and packing is fully automated

We Do Personalized Water – For all of your weddings, graduations, corporate events and other special occasion needs!